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Using Apex in Salesforce Platform
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Using Apex in Salesforce Platform

Why do I write this tutorial

I am always keen to help people out at Salesforce stackexchange (My profile). However, when I read and answer the questions, I realized an issue. There are many new Salesforce devs, who seem to know a little bit about trigger, SObject, SOQL and Visualforce, but has no clue about how to write quality code. And that is the major issue why they got stuck at their daily jobs.

So, if you want to become a Salesforce Developer and get comfortable in resolving developer issues every day, the first thing you need to do is to understand how to program.  And new developers should be able to just read one book/tutorial to gain the knowledge about how to program and the grammar of apex.

I will not try to cover every language details in this guide. You can always refer to Salesforce documents for this purpose. Instead, I will use a comprehensive way to explain how to code in Salesforce. I will do this by showing you the examples and common mistakes a new user can make. By following this guide, I will first help you to build a solid ground about Apex programming, and only introduce all the Salesforce platform features(triggers, SObject, SOQL, Visualforce) afterwards.

There are many other existing tutorials as well. Like Trailhead and sfdc99 by David Liu . These are awesome materials which helped me gaining my Salesforce coding along the way. And I would encourage you to have a look at them as well. What I am trying to do here is to stand on the shoulder of those giants and provide some of my own experience. I wish that could provide a little bit help to you. 

Where should you start?

If you don’t have any previous coding experience. Apex language Tutorial will be a perfect point for you to start. It will prepare you with a solid foundation of programming, which is the sword and shield in your programming world. 

If you know at least another programming language, especially Java, you can start with Using Apex in Salesforce Platform. I will not introduce general language grammars here. Instead, I will focus on all the features just for Salesforce development, including SObject, SOQL, triggers, bulkification and so on. I will also share with you the scenarios I have struggled with, and other people have struggled with here as well.

If you know some Apex and want to learn some Visualforce page skills. Jump into Visualforce Tutorial.

If you are an experienced Salesforce developer who wants to learn something about lightning component. You can follow Lightning Component Guide

If you just want to read some exciting news about latest technology, come to my Salesforce New Technology Blogs.

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