1.2 An introduction to Developer Console

Developer Console is the major tool we will be using in this Apex language tutorial. So let’s take some time to look at the tool.

Below is the screen shot taken from Salesforce official site.


1 is Menu bar

2 is workspace

3 is logs, tests and problems panel.

Menu bar is where most commands takes place.

Here are several menu items which you will frequently use:

  1. File > New, you create your new Apex class, trigger, Visualforce pages using this menu item.
  2. File > Open, you can open a file under its category (e.g. class, trigger or page) The hotkey is ctrl + o
  3. File > Open Resource. Hotkey is ctrl + shift + o. If you just want to find a file using its file name regardless of its type, use this.
  4. Edit > Fix Indentation. Hotkey is shift + tab. You need to highlight a section of code, then use this command to fix indentation for you. Very handy tool.
  5. Edit > Search in Files. Hotkey is ctrl + shift + h. Yes, Developer Console do support global search now.

Workspace is where you view and edit your code, logs and query results. You can open multiple tabs.

Logs, tests and problem panel is where you can find your logs, test results, write SOQL queries and view problems. For now, the important tabs are Logs, Tests, Query Editor and Problems.

Logs is where you view your debug logs. We already showed the usage in last post.

Tests panel will show you the unit test execution results. We will talk about unit tests in the second part of this tutorial – Using apex in Salesforce platform.

SOQL queries panel is where you can execute queries. We will talk about SOQL queries in second part as well.

Problems panel will show you the compile errors in your code. If you mistyped your code, your error will be shown here.

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