This is the first part of our coding tutorial.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to write basic Apex code. Currently, I haven’t found any existing documents, websites, books or blogs which have covered this part decently. Salesforce’s official Apex programming guide has introduced the grammar of Apex programming language. It is a good reference. But it doesn’t show you how you should use them, and basically how to programme as a first language.

The only way currently to achieve this knowledge is to learn another programming language, which I believe is a shame.

So, this is a programming guide using Apex language. I believe this is the only right way to start learning a new programming language.

When learning programming, I understand you want to build something fancy, which can be used in actual practical life. However, if you are serious about programming, let’s face the truth: If you don’t have any previous programming experience, you won’t be able to build anything which is very fancy in the first hour of learning.

This part is getting you used to programming. It will get you ready for the world of developers. It will help you think and breathe in Apex.

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