1.4 DML executes in one transaction

The concept

One important concept about DML is it will be executed in one transaction. So if you insert or update or delete a list of records, it either all succeed or all fail.

Below is a experiment on this. To do this, we need to setup a validation rule on our Merchandise object. Let’s setup a validation rule to validate the original price is no lower than 50 dollars in order to have a discount. If you don’t know how to do it, follow the screenshot below:


Then we can write relevant code to test this:

Merchandise__c mer = new Merchandise__c();
mer.name = 'Books';
mer.Original_Price__c = 20;

Merchandise__c mer2 = new Merchandise__c();
mer2.name = 'Bike';
mer2.Original_Price__c = 300;

List<Merchandise__c> merList = new List<Merchandise__c>();
insert merList;

Execute the code in anonymous block and you will get the validation error. Turn to Salesforce platform, you can find that neither of the records are inserted.

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