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Asana has introduced board view recently. It gives me the feeling that it almost becomes the task managing tool over its fellow competitors. Originally I was using Trello because of its wonderful personal Kanban view. And now Asana has got the same board view. Asana’s other advantages suddenly makes it the shining superior one.

So, what is a task management tool?

Basically, it is a tool to track your tasks. You can share and collaborate tasks with your other team members. And you can put due date and subtasks for each task. You can also add attachments to them as well.

The popular task management tools include Asana, Trello,, Wunderlist, todoist

What is Asana Board View


The above is a sample board view of Asana. You can modify and add columns as you wish. Basically, it gives me:

  1. A direct kanban view about how things are going.
  2. Another category system to distinguish the task status. Tasks are not just done or undone. It can be in backlog/Ready to go/blocked/In progress/on hold/will not work on/etc.

Why do I think Asana is a better task management tool for now?

First I need to make sure this is only my personal prefer. There are still a lot of Trello lovers, Wunderlist lovers, etc. But I chose Asana for some reasons.

First, you can have a Kanban view of the projects for the team while still have your own personal task list for today.


More importantly, sub tasks are treated as first class citizens in Asana, which means you can create subtasks for subtasks. And you can also set assign to, due date or add attachment to sub tasks. This is the major reason I am choosing Asana now.

Also, Asana has a built-in calendar system which shows your tasks on the calendar. I find it very helpful as well.

What I think Asana needs to improve

First, I don’t think project has to be either list view or board view. It should be able to switch between the two easily.

Second, the page rendering time is slow. It is much slower than Trello.

But I think both issues will probably get fixed soon.

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