List of IDE for Salesforce Programming (Part 2)

This is the second post of List of IDEs. The first post is here.

I haven’t used the IDEs in the current list extensively. I have tried some a little bit. But not much. For some of them, I will give you my two cents on why I didn’t proceed with them. But please be aware that I haven’t tried them a lot by myself. So my point of view can be biased.

1. Mavensmate with VS code

Github link

I haven’t used VS code before. It doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I know a lot of developers are big fans of VS code. The speed is awesome. So if you love VS code, definitely give it a try.

2. Illuminated cloud


Illuminated Cloud is a powerful development tool hosted within JetBrains IntelliJ IDEASome developers argue this is the best combination for current development. It evens contains a real offline debugger.

It is a paid tool so I haven’t tried it. But it is pretty cool tool.

3. Metaforce

Metaforce is a new IDE for Salesforce development. I have tried it a little bit but did not proceed. Here are my two cents:


  1. It is a very like looking tool. Supporting major OSes and has a chrome extension version.
  2. It is lightweight. Very easy to configure.
  3. It has a local storage which in some way fastens the speed.


  1. Although it has a local storage, the global search of Mataforce is not based on local files. Instead, it is using doing a search in the metadata. Which I don’t think there is any good reason for that. And that is the reason I don’t choose Metaforce.
  2. The editor experience is not as good as Sublime or Atom.

Due to those reasons, I would recommend Metaforce for some casual coding. But for large projects and serious programming, I wouldn’t recommend it. It is just like Developer Console.

4. is a good, light-weight cloud based IDE. Its saving time is very impressive.

However, personally, I don’t quite like pure cloud based IDEs. Due to two reasons:

  1. The global search is always an issue. It will never be as efficient as local storage.
  2. You can’t save the file if there is any compile error. Or worse – if the internet is suddenly broken.

If your favourite IDE is missing here…

There are several IDEs I haven’t listed here. Because I haven’t heard people using them. So if your favourite IDE is missing in the list, leave me a comment and I will add it in.

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