Salesforce acquisitions in 2016

Salesforce just bought another startup called Twin Prime, adding to its $5 billion acquisition spree this year.

This is the 11th acquisition of Salesforce this year. Although both business insider and crunchbase claimed it was the 10th acquisition, the acquisition of Gravitytank is missed from the list.

The announcement was made on Twin Prime’s website by the CEO & founder, Kartik Chandrayana.

Twin Prime is a five-year old startup that helps mobile apps perform better. It claims that customers increased their time spent in-app by up to 50%.

Below is the list of 10 other acquisitions of Salesforce in this year:

1. PredictionIO, Feb 19, 2016

PredictionIO was Salesforce’s first acquisition in 2016. Salesforce bought PredictionIO to build out its technology in machine learning and big data analytics.

You can think of PredictionIO as MySQL for machine learning. The company’s tech, as an open source and essentially free product, makes it more affordable and faster for developers to build machine-learning based products like recommendation or prediction engines.

2.  MetaMind, Apr 4, 2016

MetaMind is now part of Salesforce EinsteinIt helps to power the world’s smartest CRM by embedding state-of-the-art deep learning technology into the Salesforce Platform.

3. Implisit, May 9, 2016

Implisit is an Israeli data-intelligence startup. It is a software maker that helps sales people make faster and better decisions based on the data stored in its customer database. It could predict the best possible deals and identify those most at of losing, while providing recommended actions to improve the sales process, according to its website.

4. Demandware, June 1, 2016

Salesforce acquired Demandware in June. And then it introduced a product based on this acquisition – Commerce cloud. It taps existing options of Demandware’s software to manage e-commerce with extra features including AI.

5. Coolan, July 21, 2016

Coolan is a startup specializing in monitoring fleets of gear running data centers. Salesforce is planning to use its technology to optimize its infrastructure.

6. Quip, Aug 1, 2016

Quip provides word processing tools in the cloud. And Salesforce has already integrated some products based on this acquisition. Here is a blog post talking about reasons for using Quip with your team.

7. BeyondCore, Aug 15, 2016

Smart data discovery vendor BeyondCore joined Salesforce via acquisition in August, joining its Analytics Cloud division. BeyondCore will extend smart data discovery and advanced analytics capabilities across the entire Salesforce Customer Success Platform as well, according to the companies.

8. Gravitytank, Sept, 2016

Gravitytank is an “innovation consultancy” with a little over 70 people. It helps its clients disrupt current markets and enter new ones, whilst always staying ahead of the innovation curve.

Gravitytank is a bit different from Salesforce’s normal acquisition type. This post talked about the potential reasons why Salesforce made this acquisition.

9. HeyWire, Sept 7, 2016

HeyWire is a mobile messaging plaform. Salesforce bought it to bring full integrated mobile messaging capabilities to the Salesforce Service cloud.

10. Krux, Oct 3, 2016

Salesforce kicked off Dreamforce 2016 with the news that it acquired Krux, a data management platform. The acquisition will help extend the Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s audience segmentation and targeting capabilities.

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