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In this post, I am going to talk something about Salesforce career from my perspective. I am a Salesforce developer working in Brisbane, Australia. And I have talked to many of my friends who worked and tried to find a job in other cities in Australia and other parts of the world including US, UK, China, India, New Zealand and Germany. So below is my points on what you should expect from a Salesforce career.

How hard is it to find a job

Different country/city will definitely have different results. But generally speaking:

  1. Developers are in high demand.

    Coming from China, I usually find Brisbane is not a easy place to find a good job. But after turned into a Salesforce Developer, things have changed for me. I receive job opportunities from linked message very frequently – almost once every week. In Chinese group chats, I can also easily find job opportunities in major cities. My friends in India, Germany and US have also confirmed with me Salesforce developers are in demand in those countries.

  2. General Administrators are NOT in high demand

    Well, this one really depends on where you are. But in general, if you just got your first Admin Certification and not much experience, it can be tough to find a first job. There are opportunities there, but the competition is usually tough. Getting hired can take quite a bit longer.

  3. Administrators who are specialised ARE in high demand

    If you have experience beyond the Admin Cert you will be much better off. Technical expertise in AppExchange and SFDC products can go far. Other certifications like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud will also be greatly helpful.

What can I expect to earn

Again, this depend on your city and country. Below is an average salary infographic coming from Salesforce Ben.


In other countries? I can confirm with you that Salesforce professionals are well paid in almost every country. You can expect it to be same level or a little bit higher than other developers.

Is Salesforce a really dreaded technology

Salesforce was once voted as the most dreaded technology in Stackoverflow. So is that really bad? Do developers really feel horrible when working as a Salesforce Developer?

For me, definitely no. I enjoy myself quite a lot when working as a Salesforce Dev. But I do understand Salesforce developers need to face below challenges:

  1. Salesforce doesn’t have a real-time debugger system. It claims to have one in sandboxes now. But it is sandbox only and very expensive. So I have never used that. We need to look at the debug logs to find where the issue lies.
  2. There are a lot of governor limits to consider when handling technical issues. This can be really confusing.
  3. Since Salesforce was a pretty new technology, when companies start to use Salesforce, they don’t really understand how to plan and structure it well. So it result in existing projects which are already messed up and you as a Salesforce professional must jump into.

Those three points are challenging. But they by no means are road blockers for me. For me, walking around them can be fun sometimes. So don’t be scared. It is really not that bad.

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