1.2 What is developer mode and whether to use it

What is Development mode

Development mode is a convenient way to write and edit your Visualforce page, given that your Visualforce page is very small.

You can enable development mode by Setup > User > Find your name > Edit, find development mode and tick that checkbox.

Save the change.

Now let’s go back to our previous Visualforce page.

Notice that there is a toolbar at the bottom of the page:

Click on SimpleVisualforcePage, and you will notice all the page code is displayed here.

You can edited the page and save it. And the change will immediately show on the page after you clicking save.

Whether to Use Development Mode

It really depends on you.

It is convenient when the page is small. But when you try to develop anything which is bigger, You will soon find writing pages in development mode isn’t that comfortable. So for me, I don’t quite often use that.

But still, it is nice to know there is a convenient tool there for you.

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