About Me

rounded_cornersMy name is Lance Shi. I am a Salesforce Developer, based in Brisbane, Australia.

About three years ago, I was working as a Test Analyst. Haven’t touched code for several years’ time. After a meeting with Salesforce team introducing Salesforce to us, I found it was my passion and I decided to start learning Salesforce. After merely three months’ time, I got my 401 Certification and my first Salesforce developer role.

I was awkward at my first and second Salesforce development role for a short period of time. And did struggle for some tasks. But I have adjusted myself and learned quickly. Soon, I got confident and comfortable with all the development tasks. And I really love this job.

When looking back, I realise that my computer science background in University has helped me a lot in understanding all the grammars and concepts. Even though, it was still tough for me sometimes with the current existing documents.

So, what have I learnt from this experience?

After the years of learning, struggling and finally getting confident, I have learnt several things.

First, I believe it is not that hard to become a Salesforce developer and get a developer job. All you need to do is follow your passion and do practice.

Second, it might be quite tough for a new developer to get comfortable with the world of programming, especially if without previous coding experience. You will need certain amount of practice.

Coding is not rocket science, but it does take practice. It is like, say, learning to drive. If I provide you with a detailed driving guide about how the steering wheel, accelerator and brake works, after reading through the guide, will you be able to drive by yourself? I bet not. So the same thing happens in programming as well.

And that’s what I am doing here. I will fill the tutorial with examples so that new users can learn and practice. After finishing it, they can feel quite ready to jump into real-world projects.