Ultimate Salesforce Chrome Extensions 2017

This list of Salesforce chrome extensions is coming from Salesforce Ben’s awesome post here. I have added comments of my own under some extensions. And I have added multilogin app into the list. Although it can’t be quite categorised as an extension, I find it very useful to be viewed as an extension to browsers.

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5.1 Write unit test for a class

Why unit test

Salesforce requires at least 75% code coverage of all the Apex code. So in short, in Salesforce world, you must write unit test. For me, I firmly believe it is a good practice that every org and company should follow. The earlier you find a bug, the easier you can fix it. It will finally save you a lot of time and effort and money if you do the unit tests properly.

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4.3 Avoid infinite loops

What is infinite loop in Salesforce Trigger

Today, we need to introduce a very important concept in Salesforce Trigger – infinite loop. I will show you what it is and how you should avoid them.

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