Lightning component guide menu


Chapter 1 – Write your first lightning component

1.0 Setting up the environment

1.1 Write a Hello world lightning app

1.2 Write a Hello world lightning component

1.3 Apply styling to lightning component

1.4 Use attributes to carry information

Chapter 2 – Add client side logic into our component

2.1 A simple example using button

2.2 Some explanation about how lightning component works

2.3 Handle ui elements in client side controller

2.4 Use init handler to initialize the page

2.5 Handle events for regular html elements

2.6 Aura:iteration and aura:if

Chapter 3 – Interacting with Salesforce database

3.1 Write a server side controller class

3.2 Stateful vs Stateless

3.3 Using lightning component form

3.4 Display the data retrieved from Server