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Why another lightning component tutorial

Salesforce already had two excellent documents for learning lightning components: the Lightning Components Developer Guide and Lightning Components Basics trailhead . I have learnt my lightning component skills from those two resources. Then why do I want to write another lightning component tutorial? 

Well, first, my analytics result tell me so. A lot of visitors come to because they are searching for lightning component guide. So there is a requirement urging me to write this tutorial.

Second, I kind of understand why people want that. The materials Salesforce have provided are excellent, but they are kind of too fast. Personally, I had a tough time learning lightning components through lightning components developer guide. Trailhead is better, but still a little bit too fast. They are trying to give you a full pack of information within a short period of time which makes me feeling lost during the time I was learning. That was for me, a Salesforce developer with three years of experience. So I can feel the struggle in people with less experience.

During the time I have learnt lightning component, I really wish there could be a guide with practical examples from the very beginning’s Hello World app all the way to a real-world lightning component. So here it comes and it is how I write it. Simply step by step examples from the very beginning. Hope you enjoy the learning process!